Affectionate Bunnies = Happy Humans

All Things Great and Small

The Rabbit Rabble

Budgie seems to demand constant attention, and I’m his favorite. He licked me on pretty much every exposed patch of skin today. He’s like a little doggy! Then whenever I go to see Snoopy, he sits at the fence and watches. Snoopy just melts into a cookies ‘n’ cream puddle and purrs. My dad was reading the newspaper on the couch this morning, and Budgie came up to explore. He didn’t stay very long though. Budgie sure drinks a lot (fortunately it’s water and not booze). So does Charlie, and Timmy, the last bun we sat for. Maybe it’s a guy thing? Gotta keep hydrated!

We stopped off at the vet and got a refill on Bella’s pain meds. She seems to be doing a little better, and venturing out to explore a bit more. She and Charlie are both shedding, and I can’t get anywhere near them to groom…

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