Creating a pet-friendly home

From the Everyday Dog to The Everyday CAT, Love them all!

As promised a few posts back, I figure it’s time to introduce our two cats – Ollie and Daisy. We brought Ollie home just over a year and a half ago, and Daisy six months later. While they’re a huge responsibility, our lives are all the better for it.

I grew up with cats, and love dogs, and have always believed that pets help make a house feel like a home. And in return, I wanted our house feel like it was a space for them as well. They’re indoor cats, so we wanted to give them plenty of spots to exercise, sleep, and play. But this is where we ran into a challenge – all the mass manufactured pet products are horridly tacky and cheap. Not really things I want scattered around our home. So rather than settle for the usual tat, we came up with some creative solutions that…

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