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The Dante Diaries

When Grandma’s front door opened I was rushing to defend the home front…to defend my Grandma…who dared to enter our house without knocking or ringing the bell? HER!  SHE’S back…SHE didn’t forget me…SHE’S Back! Bark Bark Bark!

SHE'S back

Don’t get me wrong…I love my Grandma and I love THE best lap in the whole wide world…but I LOVE HER and I missed HER…SHE came back!  The car ride back to our house was so much fun…just being with HER is fun…

car ride

We sat in the car while Aunt Tere went into a store and guess what I did?  Sitting on HER lap again was so nice that I took a little snooze…I’m so happy that SHE’S back with me!


Oh Oh Oh…tomorrow is our day…SHE came back in time for our day…when I wake up tomorrow it will be MY birthday…Yee Haa…I can hardly wait!  See you all tomorrow!


birthday paw@TheDanteDiaries

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