The fuss behind the fur

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The Writer's Bloc - Sudha Subramanian

fuss and furBringing home a pet is nothing short of adopting a child.

Remember that popular ad, where a pup walks behind a little boy wherever he goes? Didn’t you wish you had a pet just like that? Bollywood doesn’t spare you either. It constantly reminds you that a dog is indeed a man’s best friend. Kittens and pups are indeed cute. They are all furry and cuddly. Carried away by such thoughts, many people bring home a pet. But before long, unable to handle the challenges, they wonder what to do with it. Scores of people abandon pets because they realise they are not up for the challenge.

So what does it mean to own a pet?


A pet really is a huge responsibility. So, unless you are ready to clear the poop, clean the dirt, and feed on time, don’t even bother thinking about having the pet around…

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