Clicker Training at Liberty, Day Two

Sky King's Girl

I set up my cellphone camera on the edge of the fence today to take video of my session with Diego. My goal is primarily to get him relaxed and focused on me. I don’t really care what we accomplish other than that. The tasks themselves are just a means to an end. So this was a very free form lesson. I just sort of ambled around and rewarded what I liked.

When I went out to the round pen he greeted me cheerfully and immediately put himself in step with me. “Let’s play that game again!” The treats I use are Purina Roughage Chunks. Basically just compressed hay with a bit of yeast. Given the tall grass in the round pen, it’s obviously not the fabulously delicious treats that are making him so interested 🙂

I was very pleased with how relaxed he was both yesterday and today!

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