MM Answers (sort of): Rearing

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Mutts and Mustangs


As a brief recap, a woman posted on a group’s wall that her horse has a problem rearing both on a line and under saddle.  She had gotten the advice to pull her horse over backwards or to crack an egg in between his ears when he went up.  This is supposed to make him think he’s hurt.  Both of these methods are extremely out of date, and quite frankly, extremely dangerous for horse and rider.  The ancient cowboys from way back when used these methods.  This is the cowboy way, but it’s not good horsemanship in any form or fashion.


A horse never rears for no reason.  A rear can be a resistance to forward motion, or it can be caused by physical pain, such as a tooth issue or ill-fitted tack.  Horses don’t just fly up because they like the way it looks up there.  They…

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