No! No! A Thousand Times No!



Does your dog think his name is “NO” because you are always saying, “Get down! NO!” or “Stop pulling! NO!” or “Stop barking! NO!”?
I'm Get Down

A thousand NO’s do not teach your dog a thing! 

Stop thinking about what you don’t want your dog to do. Instead think about what you WANT and then teach and reinforce it!

Try to take the word “NO” out of your vocabulary.  Dogs do not know what they should be doing unless we teach them.  Teach your dog to sit for greeting and there will be no jumping on people. Teach your dog  loose-leash walking and there will be no pulling on the leash. Teach the “quiet” cue to stop excessive barking.

“Any punishment for inappropriate behavior is an advertisement that you have yet to effectively teach your dog how you would like him to act.” Dr. Ian Dunbar

There are many resources available to help you teach your dog the…

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