Play and Not Play

Great example of Normal Dog Play


I once had a dominance trainer tell me that every time my dogs wrestled they needed to be corrected until they learned to play properly. For spite, I purposely displayed photos like these.

Going at it

Wrestling in snow

P taclkling ShelbyShelby about to grip P

P about to grip Shelby butt

If I’ve horrified you with some of these, I apologize. Let me appease you with some of the photos that followed almost immediately (within seconds) after these were taken.

Shelby P and Maggie running

Chasing Shelby through snow

P licking ShelbyStanding next to one another in snow

Shelby standing over P

Not a single drop of blood has ever been spilled during one of Panzer and Shelby’s play sessions. Well, that’s not entirely true, one time Panzer bit his tongue, which he can’t seem to keep inside of his head and that caused some blood to be spilled. But that doesn’t count for purposes of this post 😉

The point is to say that sometimes it appears that what we humans consider “proper” or “appropriate” play is very different than what dogs consider “proper” or “appropriate” play. Panzer and…

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