You Pulled Me First!


In the second week of puppy or beginner class we work on loose-leash walking.  Although I love my job I must admit this is my least favorite class.  It is much more fun to teach a puppy sit or down or leave it or just about anything else.  I feel this way because this is the lesson that I really have to teach the humans much more than the dogs!

First, let me say that I recommend a harness and a 4′ or 6′ leash for walking.  My favorite harness is one where the leash is attached to the front so if the dog pulls they are turned towards you.  Never use a choke or prong collar or a flexible (retractable) lead.  I will rant about those in another post!

Think about it.  Dogs are not born with leashes attached so loose-leash walking is not a natural behavior.  Most of the other things we teach…

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