The Importance of Story Time

sweet time with a sweet dog

Peace, Love & Fostering

Okay, not actual story time – just simple quiet time is what I’ll be talking about today, but it’s the same idea. Quiet time with people can be just as important for shelter dogs as getting out of their runs and exercising.

Stress in animals can be gauged by measuring levels of the glucocorticoid cortisol. Cortisol is released by animals in times of stress, meant to be used as a body’s way to combat sudden environmental changes and other stress-inducing situations. Prolonged exposure to stress, however, causes elevated levels of cortisol over long periods of time, which begins to have a negative impact on the body. Prolonged elevated cortisol levels in animals can lead to illness, behavior changes, depression and more.

It’s no secret that the shelter environment is stressful for dogs. That is why progressive shelters these days are doing so much to try to combat the…

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Friday Faming – 8/9/13

I tell customers this is possible, maybe now they will believe it! Thanks for the proof


Happy Friday everyone! Here’s Shelby! Oh and sorry about the lack of decent pictures around here lately, stuck with my cell phone for a bit while my camera is out being cleaned 😉

I get in tub on cue 1

I get in tub on cue 2Taught by shaping. When she finally got in the tub, I simply let her hang out there feeding her one treat every 5 seconds for about 10 minutes! Now her favorite spot in the whole house is the tub! Also, we are re-tiling, hence the kinda gross look to the tile. And yes, we have been doing this for going on 2 years now…sigh.

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Pet of the Week – Reiley (A198848)

Good luck Reiley!

Anchorage Animal Care and Control

UPDATE 8/17:  Reiley has been adopted!

Here is the Mix 103.1 Pet of the Week:

Please meet Reiley, an adult, male, Chow mix.  This younger, bright eyed boy is very sweet, though he can be a little timid at first.  He has the adorable, fluffy Chow face with a grin to match!  He already knows how to sit on command and takes his treats gently.  He has a small area of hair loss on his back end that may need some veterinary follow up, but otherwise seem active and healthy.  Reiley can be adopted for $152, which includes his neuter deposit, MOA dog license, vaccinations, and microchip.

A198848 Reiley2

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