Capturing and Free-Shaping with a Clicker

I like the capture method too because it really gets the dog thinking


In my post “Getting Started with a Clicker” (September 2, 2013)  I covered charging the clicker and luring a behavior.  You should read that before continuing if you haven’t yet.


If you are not able to lure the dog into the position you want, you can also capture it and click and reward.  For example, some dogs are difficult to lure into the down position.  I find this to be true of a lot of small dogs in particular.  Lying down is a natural position and dogs do it all the time.  If you want to put it on cue you can start by clicking and rewarding when they are lying down – in other words capture it.

Here is a video showing capturing the down by Mindy Cox, B.S.,CPDT-KA (Lucky Dog Sports Club) and Decker the Border Collie.


Another method of teaching a behavior is free-shaping which is really all…

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