Get to the goal; set your dog up for success

This is where All teaching should end up, Life rewards are the goal. First we must give the dog information; what is the behavior we want, and then Label that behavior so we can “ask” for it. The process of “teaching” may include food, toys, freedom and of course affection. Observation, Timing the delivery of reward, how we move and the tones we use are all bits and pieces of the overall picture. I break it down into 3 parts (1st) Management of the environment & equipment used for everyone’s physical safety, such as gates, crates, leashes, harnesses, regular and head collars when and where needed. (2nd) Teaching “giving information” i use a marker to “tell the dog” exactly Why they are getting what they want. Food=cash, everything else=benefits and it depends on what motivates each dog. Last but not least (3rd) RELATIONSHIP this is the most important part. How we move, our tone and most of all our attitude. Remembering that our pets do not want us to be angry with them, they are made to cooperate within groups. The last thing they want is to be rejected by the group. The Only 2 reasons a dog does not do what you want is either lack of effective communication (they are confused) Or they are distracted by a physical or an emotional distraction. Set your dog up for success. Think redirection, structure and boundaries. Help Your Dog Learn. Be Your Dogs Coach, you’re on the same team 🙂