When I was 2 years old we had a Boxer named Debbie. I loved all dogs but Boxers were near to my heart. So when I bought a house the first thing I did was get a Boxer puppy. His name was Buddie. Buddie was a large (90lb) boy, by the time he was six months old I knew I needed help! After  I got him settled I adopted a white Shepherd named Rosie. By now I was training as a hobby. Later I went professional. I also acquired 2 more dogs, (4 in all) a black and tan shepherd puppy and a 7-year-old Kuvasz. Things were a bit wild back then! unfortunately our four-legged friends do not live long enough and as one passed there were 3 then 2 then opps! 3 again, a sweet but crazy dingo type dog named Heinz. Then the girls passed, first Zowie then Lish. For a year it was just Heinz. But wait there’s more! A call came to evaluate a so-called aggressive 5-year-old female mix breed. That was 7 years ago. Her name is Tigger, she is the sweetest and easiest dog I’ve ever had. She has the confidence of my Boxer and the sweetness of my black and tan Shepherd. We lost Heinz last year.  Tigger is 12, a young 12, but 12 all the same. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring but I’m sure there will be  four legs a fuzzy face and a warm heart there waiting for me.

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