Sit Does Not Mean Sit: Giving Puppies a Voice with Mand Behaviors | The IAABC Journal

Manding is a concept that helps puppies express their needs in a way that fits their neurological development and doesn’t lead to undesirable behaviors later in life.

Source: Sit Does Not Mean Sit: Giving Puppies a Voice with Mand Behaviors | The IAABC Journal


Calm Dog Training

When we use food to help our dogs learn it’s Not about bribery, Although bait and lure can get them started. The Real Help comes from Changing Brain Chemistry. We want to Calm the dog. Food is the easiest way is to Raise Serotonin. Food is comfort 🙂 On the other hand Corrections Raise Cortisol which increases stress and stress causes a host of issues. Once the dog’s Normal Becomes Calm, life is better for everyone 🙂

Resource guarding

I write this because just this morning i spoke to someone who was bitten by their dog, the dog will lose it’s home and is in danger of euthanasia. Imagine someone Repeatedly Taking Your Valuables! Then acting like you did something wrong! Would you fight back? PLEASE DO NOT PULL ITEMS OUT OF YOUR DOGS MOUTH! This Does NOT teach them drop or give. They Do Not understand Our “Attacks” on them. It frightens them and is a Common CAUSE of Resource Guarding. Also Do Not take their food bowl to “show them who’s boss” Do Not even Pull toys out of their mouth. These maneuvers only Teach your dog to hang on Tighter. LEARN How to Teach Let Go. Here’s a link for a good start about handling resource guarding.

Should Dogs Be Shocked, Choked, or Pronged? | Psychology Today

Should these types of collars be banned in favor of force-free alternatives?

Source: Should Dogs Be Shocked, Choked, or Pronged? | Psychology Today

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