Calm Dog Training

When we use food to help our dogs learn it’s Not about bribery, Although bait and lure can get them started. The Real Help comes from Changing Brain Chemistry. We want to Calm the dog. Food is the easiest way is to Raise Serotonin. Food is comfort 🙂 On the other hand Corrections Raise Cortisol which increases stress and stress causes a host of issues. Once the dog’s Normal Becomes Calm, life is better for everyone 🙂


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Stop Dog Barking | Whole Dog Journal

Whole Dog Journal s dog training editor Pat Miller explains how to stop your dog s barking, without punishment or shock collars.

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Fear Barking Dog Problem: 10 Steps to a Solution

How do you solve a fear barking dog problem? A dog in fear will bark! Learn here how to help your hound be less afraid and stop the noise as well.

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